Pecha Kucha VII poster

GSA Pecha Kucha VII

On Wednesday night, I went to the GSA Pecha Kucha VII.  Craig and Marina had told me such good things about the recent similar night that Creative Dundee had held and I was gutted to have missed it, so jumped at the chance when I saw the Glasgow event.  They held it in the students … Continue reading

More on Victorian Photography (and mental illness)

So, for my essay on Victorian photography and its part in diagnosing mental illness, I’ve ended up digging quite deep into the effect this had on our theories about insanity.  It turns out that Diamond was not the only academic to pursue of this kind of therapy.  Across Europe, doctors such as Joseph Stolz, Albert … Continue reading

Tom Pollard

Tom Pollard is a 22 year old graphic designer who has recently graduated from Lincoln School of Art & Design.  I came across him whilst browsing through the student awards section of the D&AD website, and was not surprised to find out he had won a series of awards in 2010 from various bodies such … Continue reading

Sheena Calvert (Visiting Lecturer)

Last week in uni, we had a visiting lecture from St Martins called Sheena Calvert.  Sheena was a practicing graphic designer for years in New York, but she told us about how she got to a point where she didn’t understand language anymore, and returned to London to do a PhD in Philosophy.  The lecture … Continue reading


Been meaning to post this for a while following a lecture on semiotics, but kept forgetting what the experience is called.  Pareidolia is the name given to the phenomenom where you see images where they do not exist.  For example, seeing shapes in clouds or shadows, or images being formed from the random placement of … Continue reading

Victorian Photocollage

So whilst doing research on the origins of photography for uni, I came across a sub-genre that I was completely unaware of.  Ladies of aristocracy in the 1860s and 1870s, tended to keep albums of sketches, verses and drawings to basically show off at social occasions in their homes.  Drawing as a skill was seen … Continue reading

Victorian Photography

Haven’t posted anything in a while, the opposite of what reading week was invented for!  Now we’re back into the swing of things at uni, I’m getting really stuck into to the research poster we have to do for the end of the year.  I’m currently busy looking at Victorian photography and what photographers during … Continue reading

Illustrations by Russ Mills

Not much reading going on in ‘Reading Week’ for me, but a lot of time spent browsing around other blogs and finding some interesting work to share with you guys.  Came across this chap Russ Mills, whose collection of work you can find at  His illustrations concentrate mostly on people, but work other aspects … Continue reading

Works by Jimmy Turrell

Thanks to the Creative Review blog on record sleeves of the month, I’ve been introduced to the works of Jimmy Turrell.  I’ve included some of my favourite images below for you to see some of his amazing prints for sleeves, books and exhibitions.  Clearly a lover of collage and screen printing, these pieces have such … Continue reading

Open Weekend at Wasps Studios

This weekend I went for a nosey round the Wasps Studios on the Briggait in Glasgow.  Wasps Studios operate all over Scotland, providing affordable studio and office space for creatives, and they opened their doors on the 1st and 2nd Oct to let the general public see all the great work that is going on … Continue reading