Tom Pollard

Tom Pollard is a 22 year old graphic designer who has recently graduated from Lincoln School of Art & Design. ¬†I came across him whilst browsing through the student awards section of the D&AD website, and was not surprised to find out he had won a series of awards in 2010 from various bodies such … Continue reading

Victorian Photocollage

So whilst doing research on the origins of photography for uni, I came across a sub-genre that I was completely unaware of. ¬†Ladies of aristocracy in the 1860s and 1870s, tended to keep albums of sketches, verses and drawings to basically show off at social occasions in their homes. ¬†Drawing as a skill was seen … Continue reading

Victorian Photography

Haven’t posted anything in a while, the opposite of what reading week was invented for! ¬†Now we’re back into the swing of things at uni, I’m getting really stuck into to the research poster we have to do for the end of the year. ¬†I’m currently busy looking at Victorian photography and what photographers during … Continue reading

Illustrations by Russ Mills

Not much reading going on in ‘Reading Week’ for me, but a lot of time spent browsing around other blogs and finding some interesting work to share with you guys. ¬†Came across this chap Russ Mills, whose collection of work you can find at ¬†His illustrations concentrate mostly on people, but work other aspects … Continue reading

Works by Jimmy Turrell

Thanks to the Creative Review blog on record sleeves of the month, I’ve been introduced to the works of Jimmy Turrell. ¬†I’ve included some of my favourite images below for you to see some of his amazing prints for sleeves, books and exhibitions. ¬†Clearly a lover of collage and screen printing, these pieces have such … Continue reading


Discovered a wee gem of a t-shirt printing shop in Edinburgh the other day. ¬†Lots of very cool graphics on their t-shirts of the Star Wars variety… couldnt resist a purchase.