NESTA – Week 3

Managed to miss NESTA week 2 due to having the flu – horrendous – but resumed the workshops yesterday to carry on with the Go Fish business idea. This week we were mainly concentrating on the marketing mix and critical marketing tasks. First of all we had to revisit what our five values were, but also think about our five passions and five strengths. Mine were –

ValuesCreativity, Meaningful work, Integrity, Knowledge and Growth.

Passions – Design, Typography, Audio/visual pieces and Working to achieve something.

StrengthsCreative, Organised, Professional attitude, Networking and Knowledge of software.

We then went on to look at the marketing mix which is the 7 P’s – Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Environment, and had to review these with out business in mind!

Product – My product is a service that allows anglers to connect better with each other and learn about areas or rivers they have not visited through other anglers reviews. It aims to make fishing a more sociable hobby and it will do this by way of a social network called Go Fish! It will be a more streamlined service than what is already available through salmon forums, that is easier to navigate and more tailored to what the individual will use it for (information, selling things, making friends).

Place – The product will be an online service.

Price – Set up of the network will be the highest cost, however the service will be free to the consumer, and will pay for itself via advertising and clicks.

Promotion – Most anglers will subscribe or read fishing magazines or catalogues, so print advertisements will be featured in these. It may be possible to advertise on other online forums, or fishing resources online. Many hotels in remote areas provide gillies for novice fishers or ones new to the area, so having advertising in the way of leaflets positioned with these types of places would be a good point of sale. Also, there are many specialist fishing shops that stands could be placed in and reps could sign people up and show them how the service works.

People – The people who will wrk for the business will be split into non-facing that deal with the set up and management of the site, and customer-facing who will act as reps for the brand at trade fairs or promotional days at retail outlets.

Process – Emphasis will be on the upkeep of the website so that it remains easy to navigate, quick and a reliable site (that does not crash). This will be of utmost importance to the consumer/user.

Physical Environment – There will need to be a premises from where the site is created and managed, but no other premises are required. Promotional items can be taken on tour to various sites to maximise customer base, like trade fairs or in-store stands.

We were then asked to consider critical marketing tasks and timescales of when and how these would be delivered. I found this slightly difficult as I have no idea exactly what is required of setting up a web service such as mine, but in relation to promoting it I camer up with the following –

Company Launch / Press Release – Carry out in Sept 2013 – Assigned to the company director and a freelance writer – Budget for this around £200 to pay the writer – Review feedback from official bodies in response to the business idea

Email and Ad Campaign – To be done simultaneously at time of press release in Sept 2013 – This to be done by a graphic designer (luckily that is what I do) so therefore costing a minimal amount – Review reponse from customers and number of sign ups to the site

Roadshow Advertising (in store promotion and trade fairs) – To be done a few months after press release around Dec 2013 before fishing season resumes in January – to be done by company reps – 2 days at the weekend at £20ph – Review response from customers, face to face opinions, number of sign ups following roadshow weekends

Roadshow Advertising – repeat above a few months down the line around Spring (April 2014)

We were also asked to mock up a press release for next weeks class, see mine below.


Other things we did at the workshop this week was watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk on the why. I’ve actually seen this talk a few times before, Jonathan made us watch it in his advertising module last term. It is very inspiring and does change the way you think about communicating with people, especially in business when you want to get them to buy something!! Kate also recommended we read 50 things you wish you knew at art school by Johanna Basford which I did last night. Think my favourite one was take multivitamins – you cannot afford to get sick! Something my mum is always banging on at me to do and was very true of my condition the previous week!! (Berocca’s still lying unopened in my bathroom cupboard though…) We also were talking about our online presence and how most employers now won’t read your CV, they will Google you! I did that today and the first thing that came up was my portfolio site from college!! Urgh! Must get taken off that! Also my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blog. Most of these things are okay, Facebook is private so no one can see that, and from reviewing my tweets there is nothing too bad on there that I would be embarrassed if my mum read. So all good….


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