NESTA – Introduction


So last Wednesday we started our NESTA workshops where we are going to learn more about starting up and running a business. Before we got there we all had to think about what we considered to be our own brand values; what is important and less important whilst running a business. My brand values were set out asfollows –

Always Important

Creativity, Reputation, Integrity, Knowledge and Meaningful Work

Sometimes Important

Innovation, Recognition, Change and Variety, Growth and Working with Others

Rarely Important

Fame, Market Position, Physical Challenge and Ecological Awareness

Never Important

Working Along, Power and Authority and Supervising Others

One of the first things we had to think about in the workshop was back to the why – why we do what we do and why should anyone care? What I wrote down for my discipline was –

What is it that I do?

Visually communicate solutions to design problems by way of text and image.

Why should customers care?

Because it is a trained skill that helps people engage and communicate when they don’t know how.

We also had to define a mission statement for ourselves that outlined very briefly what we would hope to achieve. My mission statement was –

To provide a profitable and reputable service that challenges the ways in which we visually communicate, provides solutions to design problems and delivers bold and innovative work.

By actually defining this in the five minutes we were given, I feel that I have given myself a reminder and a bit more direction in my coursework, and I’ll explain why. We get given briefs all the time that I approach with what its now a fairly drilled in response – we are set a problem, research the field and try to come up with connections that communicate a message in an engaging way for a target audience. But challenging the way we visually communicate? I don’t feel I’m doing enough of that! With fourth year around the corner and being in the midst of writing briefs for our personal projects, this is something I definitely need to direct more focus on. I am in the process of writing a brief that focuses on challenging the ways we look at physics and science, and the standard approach is not going to work… So thanks for the food for thought!

Next we went onto creating a business and evaluating its potential, strengths and weaknesses and learning about fake evidence. This will require another post in itself…


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