Boom! (again)

Following on from my research into the market in Tayside, I thought I should do a follow up post on what we discovered through speaking to Avian about their history. It was quite interesting to discover that the abundance of creative agencies did not just ‘take off’ one day due to the fall of the manufacturing side of things, but actually that there was a shift in the market as to how people used the media. In the early nineties there were a few main players in Scotland who rather than being advertising agencies, were a bit more like media agencies. Basically if you wanted to place a press ad or a tv ad, you had to go via one of these agencies to do it. Media independence changed all that; the market shifted and people were able to go direct resulting in huge undercutting of costs. The main companies couldn’t sustain themselves due to the loss of their major client accounts, and many had to move on or create smaller more specified businesses. It was quite good to realise the push behind this creative boom, and how it relates to the situation today. Right now, a lack of jobs is pushing graduates to be more innovative in their plans after uni, and greater access to software, means anyone can start a business from their bedroom. I’m sure that in a decade from now when people look back at this time in history, it will be noted as another boom in the rise of the creative industries, but for an altogether different reason.


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