Brian McNicoll

Our last lecture was from Brian McNicoll, a young entrepreneur who came to speak to us about how he started a gaming company. He had loads of good advice and his story raised some good points to remember for anyone struggling to get their business off the ground. He told us how after his business was initially set up, they still had to get clients, and whilst they were doing this, they expanded their knowledge in current technology and where they could expand their business. At that time, it was Java. I found this really interesting as it again related back to what we have been hearing again and again in lectures – be adaptable! It has made me start to think where else my skillsets lie other than in graphic design, and motivated me a bit more to try and do my own work outside of uni to buildup a more diverse portfolio. Whether this will happen or not is a different story, but the incentive is definitely there! What I should probably start with is updating my website and having a think about my online presence; after all, another thing we learnt from Brian is the power of word and mouth and making yourselves come across as bigger than you are is very important. Time to start early!

He also hammered in important factors to consider if we do decide to start a business, for instance, a niche in the market is always a good start!! What can I provide people that no one else can, or atleast be the innovator of? I will really need to be aware of this as I go into fourth year, as a good idea nurtured well can clearly do wonders. Above all he said to be realistic in what you can achieve, and always aim to be a part of something you are passionate about. Really good advice, and an inspiring lecture.


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