Creative Tayside

Tayside has now become more known for its creative industries than ever before, and is rapidly becoming a centre of excellence in digital media. The increase in growth can in part be put down to the digital media park development in Dundee and the efforts of Interactive Tayside, an initiative to link the public, private and academic sectors together to promote and support digital media industries in Tayside. It has been created to add a long term benefit to the area and to support any problems that companies may face in their development.

The University of Dundee is one of four in the UK heading new “Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy” over the next four years. What this is doing is building up links and partnerships in the creative industries, and increasing the amount of artists engaged in exchanging ideas – it already has huge investment!

In addition to digital media, the area’s economy  is fruitful in other areas such as biosciences, manufacturing and oil and gas.

During the last two decades, there has been a record number of graduates in the area, an increase in the number of rapidly expanding companies and a huge amount of university spin out companies that are linked to the creative industries or digital media. It is no wonder with all this happening in the area that Avian have perhaps chosen to stay in Broughty Ferry rather than relocate to a bigger city. This is another point I think the group should consider speaking to them about, including the redevlopment of Dundee’s waterfront and how they might hope this to have a positive effect on their business.

Taybridge from Broughty Ferry


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