For the Design & The Market module, we have to approach a design agency and learn about all aspects of their business by way of an interview. Our group has managed to set up a site visit to Avian, a creative agency based in Broughty Ferry.


Avian were established in 1996, and have now built up a staff of 16 people. They specialise in graphic design, web design, and build and software development. They have a client list that includes funded bodies like the Scottish Parliament and Dundee University, to private sector firms such as Llyods TSB and Dynamic Earth, as well as a host of oversea clients in their portfolio.  Their company understands that their work is ultimately to generate business for a client, and they combine this practical way of working with great ideas in order to do so.

What I find interesting about them is their record of client retention, and will be interested in learning more about how they achieve this in such a competitive market and considering some of their clients are not even based in Scotland. The next step for our group is to meet up and discuss what it is we want to learn from them with regards to how their business is structured, and do a bit more indepth research into the conditions they set up in and how this may have affected their business growth.


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