Design & The Market

This year in uni I chose the Design & The Market module which has been underway for a couple of weeks now. As someone who studies Graphic Design, I felt it was important to know more about the creative industry I am going to enter, and in a matter of words, become the product I want people to ‘buy into’. Mike’s lecture on Friday taught me that this is not necessarily the case!

What we perceive to be obvious career paths after we leave uni are infact a complete myth. The world and technology are changing so fast that ‘new jobs’ are being created constantly by young graduates who are making a place for themselves in the industry rather than asking for one! Young entrepreneurs are coming up with new services and ideas because of their creative schooling that is enabling them to receive funding and starting up their own initiatives. He basically taught me that what I think I want to do, is most definitely going to be replaced with something that doesn’t even exist yet.

Take for example the advent of social media. It is funny to think it is not even ten years old, however it has brought about as much a change in our lives as the first computer did for Generation X. What will be the next shift in technology to revolutionise the world around us and propel us on a much different path? Whatever it is, keep an eye out as it could be the key to your success.




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