Tom Pollard

Tom Pollard is a 22 year old graphic designer who has recently graduated from Lincoln School of Art & Design.  I came across him whilst browsing through the student awards section of the D&AD website, and was not surprised to find out he had won a series of awards in 2010 from various bodies such as YCN and Creative Roses.  I really admire Tom’s portfolio of work and thought I would share a few pieces with you that are my favourites.

One project of his that stands out is a series of book covers he created for H.G. Wells Orion Books.  The covers all have a set style that make them recognisable as a set, but all display different minimalist images that he chose represented the stories.  The covers themselves have a certain texture to them, however when this is removed, the hardback is smooth in comparison and details a quote from the book that summarises the novel embossed into the front cover.  I particularly like the use of typography in these designs and the restricted colour palette.

Orion Books by Tom Pollard

Inside of Orion Books by Tom Pollard

Back of Orion Books by Tom Pollard

Salmon magazine is a collaboration Tom did with five other designers.  The magazine looked at alternative cultures from a fresh angle, and looked at their communities and individuals.  They chose to name it Salmon as a reference to swimming against the mainstream.  This is another example of great typography, and has a very strong style.  The salmon colour featured throughout contrasts well with the photographic images and I particularly liked how this overlaid in some places.

Salmon Magazine by Tom Pollard

Salmon Magazine by Tom Pollard

Salmon Magazine by Tom Pollard

Another example from his body of work was the project titled Two Halves.  This was another publication but one that looked at football and rivalries between clubs, concentrating on clubs in Scotland, Argentina and Italy.  I found the content quite interesting, and again was drawn to his use of typography throughout.  He chooses to split words in half across pages as a link to the title, and this is very effective due to its minimal structure.  He seems to enjoy playing around with the appearance of words in this, and experiments with direction of copy.  The book itself was bound with laces from football boots, which represents how the fans are brought together by the sport.

Two Halves by Tom Pollard

Two Halves by Tom Pollard

Two Halves by Tom Pollard

Two Halves by Tom Pollard

Tom’s full portfolio is available to view at


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