Open Weekend at Wasps Studios

This weekend I went for a nosey round the Wasps Studios on the Briggait in Glasgow.  Wasps Studios operate all over Scotland, providing affordable studio and office space for creatives, and they opened their doors on the 1st and 2nd Oct to let the general public see all the great work that is going on in there.  The building in use down the Briggait is a listed building that has been restored and hosts an impressive courtyard that dates back to 1873!  It’s absolutely massive, and pretty impressive!

I wandered about for a while, although on the Sunday not everyone was there so I couldnt access some studios.  This sculpture by Stephanie Spindler caught my eye immediately due to our own model-making we had been doing in one of our classes. A giant pink elephant made of really light mesh material.


I really liked some works by Janie Nicoll, who made site-specific collages from cheap material (mostly banners and bunting) that reinterpreted northern soul insignia.  There were lots of works up but not wanting to be cheeky, only got a quick snap of this piece which is a new contender for my next wallpaper!

There were some fantastic paintings by an artist named James Hamilton.  He used to be a film editor, and now uses still frames of movies for his figurative paintings.  They were amazing, and he’s getting a website organised soon so keep your eye out for it!


My other favourite from the day was a painter called James Murphy.  His works are site specific examinations of architecture, and through ink and drawing tries to convey memories and emotions of the locations.  Pretty abstract pieces, but I like the energy in his work.


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  1. Thanks for coming by and including me in your blog.

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