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NESTA – Week 3

Managed to miss NESTA week 2 due to having the flu – horrendous – but resumed the workshops yesterday to carry on with the Go Fish business idea. This week we were mainly concentrating on the marketing mix and critical marketing tasks. First of all we had to revisit what our five values were, but … Continue reading

NESTA – Business Idea

After the initial introduction to Nesta, we then went on to some exercices in how you evaluate the worth of your business and what changes and threats it may come under. We were allowed to pick any business that we wanted – Mike told us someone last year did the exercises on an artisan bakery, … Continue reading

NESTA – Introduction

So last Wednesday we started our NESTA workshops where we are going to learn more about starting up and running a business. Before we got there we all had to think about what we considered to be our own brand values; what is important and less important whilst running a business. My brand values were … Continue reading

Boom! (again)

Following on from my research into the market in Tayside, I thought I should do a follow up post on what we discovered through speaking to Avian about their history. It was quite interesting to discover that the abundance of creative agencies did not just ‘take off’ one day due to the fall of the … Continue reading

Brian McNicoll

Our last lecture was from Brian McNicoll, a young entrepreneur who came to speak to us about how he started a gaming company. He had loads of good advice and his story raised some good points to remember for anyone struggling to get their business off the ground. He told us how after his business … Continue reading

Presentation Banter

Presentations next week! Eep! Met the group today to talk about the interview with Avian and how we can deliver this to the class. Our group is pretty big – there are seven of us – so we decided its best to leave the talking to four people, one of which is me. Left the … Continue reading

Creative Tayside

Tayside has now become more known for its creative industries than ever before, and is rapidly becoming a centre of excellence in digital media. The increase in growth can in part be put down to the digital media park development in Dundee and the efforts of Interactive Tayside, an initiative to link the public, private … Continue reading

Rise of the Design Industry

Much like the rest of the United Kingdom, Scotland saw a decline in the importance of the manufacturing industries towards the end of the 1980s and into the 1990s, which combined with a rise in the technology and service sectors of the economy (now the largest sector in Scotland). Irrespective of the parties in power, … Continue reading


For the Design & The Market module, we have to approach a design agency and learn about all aspects of their business by way of an interview. Our group has managed to set up a site visit to Avian, a creative agency based in Broughty Ferry. Avian were established in 1996, and have now built … Continue reading

Design & The Market

This year in uni I chose the Design & The Market module which has been underway for a couple of weeks now. As someone who studies Graphic Design, I felt it was important to know more about the creative industry I am going to enter, and in a matter of words, become the product I … Continue reading